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St. Oberholz – Ten years of glowing apple lights and (coffee) innovations

The corner of Torstraße and Rosenthaler Straße had been a location cursed for business. Even a Burger King franchise failed there. Until 2005, when brilliant mind Ansgar Oberholz brought change with his multifaceted cafe, now often described as the birthplace of many Berlin startups. SoundCloud had its first unofficial “office” at Oberholz, and the BetaHaus founders got the idea for their coworking space inside the cafe’s walls. St. Oberholz turned 10 this year with a big bang. Congratulations!

About St. Oberholz Berlin coworking sees themselves as priests of the power of possible. Their prayer: the heterotopia of place and space. Place and space are essential and stories are a source of inspiration: at two of their three café locations, they have taken the old and infused it with the new to create places that house coworking spaces, team rooms and apartments. Read more