Illustration by ©Svetik_petushkova

StartUp Teens – Teenagers can also have earth-shattering ideas, too!

When you were a teenager, what were you thinking about? For most of us, it was definitely not startups! We can imagine, though, how things would have been different if we would have had a mentor for our crazy ideas. Hauke Schwiezer founded Startup Teens this year to instill that power in teenagers. App developer Verena Pausder, among others, is a partner of the free program aimed at 14- to 19-year olds. Startup Teens is a step in the right direction for innovation, helping to inspire others at a young age.

About StartUp Teens Startup Teen’s mission is to build the entrepreneurial education component of the innovation ecosystems in for students between the ages of 10-18 years old by giving them support, providing them with the tools, knowledge, professional help, and mentorship from local entrepreneurs. Read more