Illustration by ©W_Flemming

Startups meet fashion – Fashion, tech, and celebration met for the Hundert’s 4th issue

For the first time, two very important but also very different Berlin scenes met on such a big scale. In the Hundert’s issue number 4, 100 Berlin startup entrepreneurs were dressed in clothes from the collections of 100 Berlin fashion labels. In cooperation with Axel Springer, the meeting of those two worlds was made possible – The party “Startups Meet Fashion” in January was a magical night! The event kicked off with a fashion show and continued with a party until the break of dawn, emphasizing the important and growing bond between the fashion and tech communities.

About Startups meet fashion the Hundert, founded in Berlin in 2013, is a totally independent magazine, breaking the market rules. Its main concept is to paint a picture of the Berlin startup scene, which is dominated by online businesses. Big Data, Online Marketing, E-commerce, FinTech – all these fields have a very strong innovative approach and mostly exist online. The Hundert took a risk and developed a print magazine about them. They know it sounds bizarre, but as they noticed, digital entrepreneurs enjoy print products just as much as other people. Read more