Founder Team of Berlin Studying Startup Studydrive

Photo-Location: Freischwimmer

Walk along the Flutgraben at the Spree, down a small flight of stairs and you will find Freischwimmer – a great restaurant directly at the water with a landing stage, boat house, fireplace lounge and a conservatory. Perfect for delicious meals or cool drinks in the summer. 

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Studydrive- the Berlin Tech Studying Startup

During their studies, the two Studydrive founders Philipp Mackeprang and Sven Gasper experienced how time consuming it was to find helpful study materials and to prepare effectively for their exams. This spurred them to build great tech-products that could solve these problems for all students. After just two years, the Studydrive team is running three platforms. Each solves a particular problem of a typical student. Studydrive already gives over 100,000 students access to a library of more than 60,000 documents shared by fellow students. Studycrowd is becoming the “Stack Overflow” for students, where users can answer each other’s academic questions. Their latest product, Studytutors, takes personal tutoring online and enables students to have private lessons with top tutors in a virtual online classroom. Following a strictly student-centric approach, the startup’s goal is to become the daily companion for millions of students around the world.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Studydrive in their office. Here´s the video:

About Studydrive:

Berlin-based Studying Startup Studydrive is working hard to make the studies of more than one hundred thousand students less stressful. The platform encourages students to collaborate during their studies and rewards them for helping each other. By doing this, the founders Philipp Mackeprang and Sven Gasper not only want to improve the collaboration within universities, but also to connect students from all over the world to work together. Studydrive is running since April 2013 and after only two years, the team is running three platforms, each of them solving a particular problem of a typical student. Whoever actively participates in Studydrive and shares documents, collects points, which they can trade in for great prizes. This leads to more activity on the platform and to a working study group.

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