Founder Team of Berlin Smart Home Services Startup Swocket

Photo-Location: King’s Colonnades

The beautiful King’s Colonnades were completed in 1780 to be used as a roofed hall for the King’s Bridge. In 1910, the bridge was sacrificed for the construction of the Alexanderplatz station, and the colonnades were later moved to the Heinrich-von-Kleist Park, where they can still be seen today.

Swocket – Berlin Startup Making Smart Homes Entertaining

While some aspects of our daily life already live up to what was considered sci-fi only two decades ago, others disappointingly lag behind. When the two friends Rin and Angelo realized smart home was one of these unfulfilled promises, they decided to get to work. Combining their skills in hardware engineering and software development, they built their first prototypes in the back room of a Berlin hackerspace. With Dilan taking care of business and Nadine developing the UX, what started as a pet project soon became a fully-fledged successfully funded startup. swocket’s mission is to make the smart home fun – by providing a chat-based interface for smart devices. The idea came up during a trip to China where chat-based services are becoming increasingly popular. When ordering pizza can be as simple and fun as texting a friend, why not set up your smart home the same way? The idea not only appeals to smart home enthusiasts: swocket is one of four teams in the Deutsche Bahn accelerator.

Link to Startup-Website: www.swocket.co

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited swocket in their office. Here´s the video:

About Swocket:

Berlin-based startup Swocket created a smart socket and web app that allows to control and monitor the energy use. The chat-based interface learns and adapts to behavior and makes managing the energy bills funnier and more accessible . With the purpose to make the homes “smart”,  the company produces smart devices to make life easy and to save energy. Users employ Swocket’s devices so that their homes know when residents are physically present, when they’ve neglected to shut the refrigerator door or when water has finished boiling. Swocket’s solution has notifications, rules and integration with future APIs. For example the company launched Rory, which is a product that allows to turn on/off any home appliance remotely through smartphone and PC. It has the following functions: it makes the home appliance smart, works with WiFi connection, monitors home appliances and monitors electricity usage data.

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