Founder of Berlin Clothing E-commerce Startup Tailor & Tales

Photo-Location: Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is one of the largest Jewish museums in Europe with two milennia of German-Jewish history on permanent display as well as in temporary exhibitions. It consists of two buildings: an old baroque building and a newer addition in deconstructivism style built by architect Daniel Libeskind.

Link to Photo-Location: www.jmberlin.de

Tailor & Tales – Berlin E-commerce Startup for Individual Clothing Sizes

Their goal is simple, eliminate standard sizes by creating individual sizes for consumers. Personal sizes can now be seamlessly integrated into the production of well-known brands. In this new world, consumers can have their own size created using a simple online app. Tailor & Tales crunches the numbers using their algorithm and millions of data points to produce an individual size. Production has been optimized to an impressive degree, enabling retail prices in line with those of ready-to-wear. The consumer receives his personally made garment and is confident of the fit. Their smart service is clean and convenient, protecting both the consumer and retailer from unnecessary waste. The idea was conceived two years ago by founder Bobby Östberg, ex McKinsey NY and former Swedish athlete. Today he is realizing his vision, Tailor & Tales currently hold over 5000 individual sizes. With this number increasing, they are able to produce together with numerous significant brands and reach Germany, Sweden and beyond.

Link to Startup-Website: www.tailorandtales.com

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Tailor & Tales in their office. Here´s the video:

About Tailor & Tales:

Berlin-based E-commerce startup Tailor & Tales enables users to create their own personal clothing size, using a simple app. The company is the first sizeless online retail destination for custom made menswear that is produced by brands. Tailor & Tales provides men with tailor-made shirts, suits und selected accessories of high-end quality. The company focuses on selecting the best manufacturers and fabrics and design their business and casual products in a way it meets the requirements of their demanding customers. On the other hand, founder Bobby Östberg aims to reduce waste and returns costs while improving the ethics and cleanliness of each of the garments life cycles. In addition, Tailor & Tales employs a mix of young talents and experienced advisors in a flat hierarchy with short decision paths. This combination empowers the young talent under good structure and enriches the experienced with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

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