Taisiya Kudashkina
Founder and CEO of tulp
Russian Federation

© Elena Koynova

Q: What helps you focus?

A: Electronic music makes me concentrated, focused, gives me an edge and provides an energy.

Play the game, even if you don’t know the rules

I’m pretty sure “entrepreneur” was one of the first words I knew how to spell. This was the result of a desire ignited by my father, as he was a rock climber and a hero of mine who always took risks. My father knew how to straddle the border between safety and risk, and now so do I! I worked in big companies and had a great career. At the age of 23, I was appointed as a product manager and managed more then ten people on my team. But frankly, I was bored. I didn’t feel I was contributing enough of myself, and I needed a place where I could realize my desire to make people’s lives better. It can be hard to find a good place here in Russia to eat, have fun and relax, as people don’t go anywhere unless they’ve asked their friends or obtained some kind of recommendation. So I decided to launch Tulp, a crowdsourcing platform that helps people find these great places.

I was never afraid to start my own business. Looking back now, I understand that I was extremely naive at that point. I was playing a game. I thought I knew the rules, but in fact, I didn’t. But that’s how it should be – otherwise founders would never start anything! You should not be concentrating on the obstacles, but rather the end goal and vision. Just dream about what you want the most and make that a reality.

Taisiya Kudashkina is 32, based in Russia and holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She lived in Silicon Valley and worked in the telecom industry before she went for a startup endeavor of her own. Her first company, Tulp, launched in 2010 and raised a Series A round. The company rapidly grew to 20 employees with more then two million unique monthly users. Tulp is the ‘Russian Yelp’ – a place to publish and find reviews about local businesses. At present Taisiya is developing websarafan.ru, an educational platform for entrepreneurs.

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This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.