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TechBerlin – From Tumblr beginnings to sharing major ideas

When TechBerlin founder Niko Woischnik started his humble Tumblr account in 2010, he never had the goal of personal success. His blog, chronicling the Berlin startup scene in English, had rather the intention of connecting with others and building up community. Fast forward to now, and those early efforts are being transformed; TechBerlin is re-launching as a new and improved platform with the backing of IBM and the City of Berlin. The site features tech stories, events, jobs, interviews, and plenty more on the Berlin community.

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About TechBerlin The portal is Berlin’s new (digital) single point of contact for all information about the steadily growing tech and startup scene in Berlin. Following the Example of now so young companies and developers, as well as venture capitalists or simply technically interested in Berlin can inform Themselves and Exchange information via the platform. You can find news, information about public services for founders, event tips, jobs, offices, workplaces, and information on how to start a business. Read more