Founder Team of the Berlin App Testing Startup TestObject

Photo-Location: Modersohn Bridge

Named after painter Otto Modersohn, the Modersohn Bridge was built in its current form in 2002. There is very little traffic on the bridge which makes it easy to enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset over the city. It is built over railroad tracks, which makes the view to the west almost unobstructed.

TestObject – Berlin Startup for mobile app testing

TestObject was founded in 2012 by the Berlin Business School graduates in Business Computing Hannes Lenke and Andreas Lüdeke, who wanted to make the life of app developers and testers easier. The company provides a SaaS platform with hundreds of real devices, accessible directly from any browser, where developers can upload their apps onto devices and see if and how they perform. Along with the devices, the company offers several testing tools to check the app functionality from all angles. The idea started to take hold after the founders began working for different companies like SAP, IBM and Lufthansa, noticing the lack of suitable mobile app testing tools. Then and there, they decided to join their technical superpowers and make a difference in the mobile app world. TestObject customers include startups like komoot and 6Wunderkinder, but the big leagues as well, like Bosch, Philips and Creditreform, trust this startup with their mobile app testing.

Link to Startup-Website: www.testobject.com

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited TestObject in their office. Here´s the video:

About TestObject:

Berlin based app testing Startup TestObject offers an SaaS platform which  enable users to test the performance of their app. The company provides a cloud platform with numerous real Android and iOS devices, accessible directly from any browser. Developers can upload their apps onto devices and see if and how they work. Along with the devices TestObject provides several testing tools to check the app’s functionality from all angles. App quality has a major impact on any app success but massive fragmentation of operating systems and mobile devices makes it hard for developers to test and guarantee the functionality of apps under different conditions. That’s why TestObject – an in-the-cloud, all-you-need testing tool – was founded in 2012.  To ensures apps work reliably.

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