Founders & Team of Berlin Events Startup Time Change

Photo-Location: Roof Up

Enjoy sunny days in Berlin while working in a cool rooftop terrace instead of working in a hot box. This new 280 m² co-working space offers moderate rates, extra services and an additional 100m² outdoor space. Roof Up is also able to host various events such as workshops, meetings and more.

Link to Photo-Location: www.roof-up.com

Time Change – Berlin Startup for Events & Technologies

We do not build time machines, but… we do have exciting technologies and innovative ideas! Time Change is not your ordinary “event shack”, it has developed its own philosophy: jazzy, smart, new era. „New technologies, smart concepts and an amazing team – that is our winning formula!”, explains Franziska Müller, co-founder of this outstanding “event shack” from Berlin. The growing team of (presently) six members is specialized in project management, event industry, media and web design and IT development. Time Change plans, customizes and executes events that create WOW moments. Time Change was founded in March 2013 and operates since then within the Berlin market, in Germany, all of Europe and in the whole world. A-Z event management; DMC and event analyses; innovative presentation support such as augmented reality, video mapping or interactive voting; online registration and participant management: Time Change offers the all-round service package!

Link to Startup-Website: www.time-change.de

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Time Change in their office. Here´s the video:

About Time Change:

The Berlin-based Stratup Time Change defines itself as a multilingual, multidisciplinary and multimedial company dedicated to smart events; not only just as any simple event agency. Their are the strategic partner for professional event management. Time Change takes care of the planning, organisation, execution and control of events and communication activities by using all relevant channels. Their  success recipe is longstanding experience in event management, the usage of IT solutions and a large cup of passion of their people. The founders believe that creative work is the design of any event. Precision in the planning, transparent processes and professional execution, is as important as the goal-oriented work according to the wishes of their customers.

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