Instant Feedback from Potential Customers

After 5 years of gaining experience in the startup environment, I founded TimeZapp in March 2013. I came up with TimeZapp while working in E-commerce. For many business decisions I wanted to know how potential customers would perceive them. Traditional research, however, was too expensive and time-consuming, and from a user’s perspective, surveys are not very motivating. TimeZapp’s approach of gaining insights through a mobile audience is disruptive. We create an entertaining environment in which users can give feedback via smartphones on the go. Two response options ensure easy usage. The results are instantly visible and you can directly compare yourself with others. Our app went live in November 2013, and with several thousand users and millions of answers we are now able to get quick feedback for pressing questions. Insights from TimeZapp are not only decision drivers for companies, but are also so fascinating that we will share them on our blog.

Link to the Startup Website: www.timezapp.de

Find the complete interview at www.the-hundert.com/timezapp