Your Car Wants It Too!

Tirendo launched in Germany in March 2012, and since has driven forward to bring the automotive world online, allowing people to buy car products as easily as they would buy a CD for the drive. Initially focusing on tires, Tirendo quickly expanded their product range, and now offers their customers a wide variety of parts and accessories. Based in the heart of Berlin, Tirendo has expanded beyond Germany and now operates in 11 countries. With the distinctive black and orange colors and international approach, Tirendo has quickly positioned itself as a major brand within the automotive industry. When you consider the tremendous work put in by the team every day, as well as international TV campaigns with brand ambassador Sebastian Vettel, it is no surprise that Tirendo is growing rapidly and celebrating success after success. Tirendo was acquired by Delticom AG in September 2013, and with their support you can be sure Tirendo will be keeping one foot firmly on the gas pedal!

Link to the Startup Website: www.tirendo.de

Find the complete interview at www.the-hundert.com/tirendo