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Tollabox – Filed for bankruptcy, but Founder Béa Beste takes it in her stride

After launching one of the most successful German crowdfunding campaigns in 2013, Tollabox had to file for bankruptcy at the beginning of this year. The creative subscription box service for kids did not gather as much support as it had been anticipated. On average, parents ended the subscription after 7 months, when at least 11 months were needed to reach black figures. CEO and Founder Béa Beste went through a founder’s worst nightmare, but she came out stronger, processing her grief by writing a children’s book called Oli Löwenfutter.

About Tollabox Inspired by international educational innovation Bea Beste developed the concept Playducation: What would happen if we learningfelt like playing games? Hence the idea of Tollabox emerged: A monthly box full of material and ideas for crafting, experimenting and discovering the world – for 4- to 10-year old children. Unfortunately, the project could not establish itself in the market, and the Berlin startup had to file for bankruptcy. Now Bea Beste continues the idea further as a blog and wants to bring quite a lot of creative ideas to families. Read more