From Price Comparison to Auto Media Group

In the middle of Berlin, one of the hottest startup hubs in the world, 20 brave superheroes are fighting to save car owners a lot of money. Their flagship: Their mission: Provide a free product and price comparison website for car parts, accessories and automobile services. Under the leadership of founder and managing director Manuel Hinz, and supported by Project A Ventures and Creathor Venture, the team of Toroleo helps users to find the best deals for products like tires, rims, and motor oils as well as car sharing services. But there is more to the Toroleo mission than just In the race for the world-crown of automobile product and price comparison, the brave heroes launched the Austrian version and, a content portal targeting automobile fans. And that is not the end of the story. The Toroleo Auto Media Group is about to introduce more exciting projects soon, so stay tuned!

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