Europe’s Leading Expert in Mobile App Marketing

When Apple launched the iPhone back in 2007 it became pretty clear that mobile would be the next big thing. And we wanted to be part of it. So, in August 2010 Trademob was founded and we went to the market with the most sophisticated tracking technology, and started to help apps to climb to the top of the app charts. The mobile market grew, and so did our team. Mobile advertising became more mature, and again so did we. Led by Sylvius Bardt and Matthias Schoen, we are now offering advanced advertising technology along the whole lifecycle of an app: From user acquisition in the early stages of an app to retargeting campaigns for reactivating dormant users. What is special about us? We could prevent the atmosphere from our early days, but loaded some years of experience in mobile app marketing. We are perfectly positioned to talk to ambitious startups as well as established brands that want to bring life into their apps.

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