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Philip Lang (Co-Founder, COO) and David Walker (Co-Founder, CEO)

Location: Tucked away in a tiny park near the Rockefeller Plaza lies a mini-urban oasis: a waterfall you can walk through. Through the waterfall wall runs a transparent tunnel. Strolling through provides a relaxing moment as the sound of water gently drums the glass above you.

TripleMint – The simplest way to find your home

Real Estate
Founded in 2011
60 employees
Funding $7M / 3 rounds

TripleMint is the refreshingly simple way to buy, sell or rent a home. TripleMint combines technology, data and a select group of real estate experts to help buyers view more apartment options and to help sellers better price their homes. Former Yale classmates David Walker and Phil Lang founded TripleMint in 2011 after having poor experiences finding apartments in NYC themselves. David and Phil believe that people should love the process of buying, selling and renting homes and that mission drives the culture at TripleMint. Clients have embraced TripleMint’s unique approach and the company has grown more than 100% every year. TripleMint was founded in New York City, which is the largest real estate market in the US. They plan on expanding to every major US city and eventually internationally to transform the homebuying process.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.