Founder Team of Berlin Recruiting Startup Truffls

Photo-Location: Invalidenpark

In the 18th century, the Invalidenpark was conceived as a healing kitchen garden for war-wounded soldiers housed nearby. It was turned into a park in 1843. Destroyed in World War II, neglected during GDR times, it was redesigned in the mid-90s into a public space rich in history.

Truffls – Berlin startup for Human Resources

Most companies perceive HR and recruiting as a cost factor. Truffls works toward making it a competitive advantage. The three founders Clemens, Matthes and Tobias have built a platform that makes things much easier for everyone involved in the recruiting process. For this, they make use of advanced natural language procession technology as well as sophisticated matching algorithms and recommendation engines. Using an intuitive web platform, companies can find the best talents with almost no effort. Candidates can also find the most exciting vacancies at the hottest companies with a mobile app that has come to be known as the Tinder for jobs. Just a year after its founding in 2014, Truffls GmbH is proud to serve hundreds of paying customers, among them large DAX companies as well as up-and-coming startups while looking forward to increase the already large number of job seekers using the app..

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Truffls in their office. Here´s the video:

About Truffls

Berlin-based Startup Truffls redefine recruiting, matching the right people with the right jobs in a different way. Unlike traditional job sites the company has developed this innovative matching technology in the field of recruiting to change the way jobs are searched. The technology is based on three pillars: crawling, parsing and matching. The self-learning matching technology behaves similar to a music platform, for example Spotify: the more interacts of registered users with the proposed job, the better and more targeted in the future are the places proposals. In summary, this new app, available for iOS and Android, redefine the Job Search. Users log in with their Xing or LinkedIn profile. Truffls reads out the data stored there and immediately delivers offers available on the phone. A learning algorithm is intended to ensure in real time that the next offer even better suits the needs of the job seeker.

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