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txtr – The end of an eReading era

Txtr’s future is not looking bright. The Berlin-based company, which was founded seven years ago, filed for bankruptcy at the start of 2015. CEO Christopher Maire and the rest of the Txtr team made a great run, having forged a major partnership with 3M in 2011 and created a Txtr-branded low cost eReader, Beagle. However, their business model and hardware did not prove to be viable in the end, and the company met a series of downturns. In May it was announced that the eBook shop of txtr and their technical platform was acquired by service provider Storecast.

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About txtr Berlin based startup txtr is a leading provider of e-reading solutions with clients in Europe, North America and South East Asia. Their products and services’ range encompasses an e-book catalog of more than 1 million titles in standard EPUB and PDF formats as well as a cloud-based reading service for smartphones, tablets, e-readers and PCs. Read more