Interviewing Redefined

viasto may be one of those startups few people know of. Software as a service for business clients, no glamorous venture capital investment, a product name (interview suite) that is different to that of the company, and not exactly a flashy founder, but take a closer look, and you see an impressive company in the making. Founded in 2010, viasto has been awarded several innovation awards, recently moved offices from Wedding to Kreuzberg, and currently employs 17 people. It sells to one of the most risk-adverse departments: Human resources. And yet, their client list is impressive: From Deutsche Telekom to Fujitsu, Microsoft, Sixt and Singapore Airlines, as well as fellow-startups such as trivago. Worldwide, many companies use the interview suite to video-screen their applicants. Why? Because it’s faster, more efficient and finds better talent. “Many of our clients start using the interview suite for one reason – usually that is efficiency – and they continue using it for many reasons such as bettering their interviewing skills, enhancing their employer brand, internationalizing their recruiting, and many more,” says Martin Becker, founder and CEO of viasto.

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