Virginie Simon
Co-Founder and CEO of MyScienceWork, Luxembourg

Q: What drives you crazy?

A: That women entrepreneurs are still not represented enough in Europe. If you have a great idea, go for it!

Entrepreneurship is an endurance sprint

Fascinated by science and possessing an independent nature and appreciation for a good challenge, I’ve always followed a pretty clear path to entrepreneurship. During my PhD in nanotechnology for cancer therapy, I could see the real need for a platform to centralize scientific information, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitate the general public’s access to science. So, as soon as I had my degree in hand, I created the platform I envisioned.

I had a great sense of freedom to achieve many things. It was up to me to carry out an idea; to create, name and build a site; to surround myself with people I wanted to work with. I knew it was the beginning of a great adventure, which ultimately brought me to a life in San Francisco.

You have to believe in the success of your project all the way. Manage all the people involved – the team, investors, community – and transmit your vision to them. You also need a big dose of courage, perseverance and hard work. To me, entrepreneurship is an endurance sprint!

Virginie Simon, 33, is the CEO and co-founder of MyScienceWork. She created MyScienceWork with Tristan Davaille in 2010 in Paris. The company headquarters are located in Luxembourg and Virginie currently lives in San Francisco. She is a biotech engineer by training and has a PhD in biology. Today, MyScienceWork has a team of 15 people. The MyScienceWork platform makes science more open, accessible and collaborative.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.