Vladka Teskova
Co-Founder and COO of TeskaLabs
Czech Republic

Q: How do you relax?

A: I’m relaxing without people, with animals.

Meditation, cats, and cyber security

My journey started in Jablonec nad Nisou, a small city north of Prague. I was quiet, pretty geeky and generally refused to follow the rules. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that my corporate career in network technology and radio engineering was short-lived. I always found myself wanting to do my own thing. I now see cybersecurity as a blue ocean opportunity – a race to capture market share. I’m driven by a sense of urgency and a mission to protect people from hacking – the consequences of which can be devastating. My team of ex-hackers know just how bad things can get.

Sometimes when I need to clear my mind and regain a sense of balance, I travel deep inside the forests and enjoy moments of meditation among the trees, moss and stones. This prepares me for the challenges ahead. As a leader, it’s important that I wake up every day energized and ready to inspire my team to go out and make the digital world a safer place. That sense of purpose keeps me going when times are tough. Oh, and playing with cats helps, too.

Vladka Teskova, 35, is COO of Prague and London-based cybersecurity startup TeskaLabs. Founded in 2014, TeskaLabs protects individuals and enterprises from mobile and IoT cyber threats. Along with her co-founder, Vladka steered the 15-person company through two accelerators in 2015, including Techstars London. TeskaLabs is Vladka’s fourth startup and the biggest challenge she’s taken on so far.


This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.