Founder Team of Berlin Social-Networks for local neighborhoods Startup Wirnachbarn

Photo-Location: Landsberger Allee

Landsberger Allee crosses through five districts and with a length of 11km, it is one of the longest streets in Berlin. Throughout history, the name and course of the street was changed several times. Already in the Middle Ages, it was an important long distance road to Brandenburg.

WirNachbarn – the Berlin Social Network Startup for Local Neighborhoods

Early last year, Philipp Götting had the vision of bringing community spirit back to neighborhoods. Consequently, he and André Dieling founded WirNachbarn.com last summer. Neighbors and neighborhood communities use WirNachbarn to interact and to support each other. More precisely, they ask for recommendations (good plumber? trustworthy babysitter?), share observations (playground demolished: have you seen something?), support each other (who can lend me a drill?) and give away the things they no longer need. In addition, neighbors can utilize platform functions like groups and event creation to organize street feasts or share announcements. Most important and unique: users have to validate their identity. This feature allows WirNachbarn a rightful claim to having “real neighbors, with real names” and not only face accounts.

Link to Startup-Website:  www.wirnachbarn.com

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited WirNachbarn in their office. Here´s the video:

About Wirnachbarn:

Berlin-based social network startup WirNachbarn is an online platform, which enables neighbors to meet and communicate with each other. Founders of WirNachbarn Philipp Götting, André Dieling and Aymon Delbridge aim at bringing community spirit back to neighbourhoods. People use WirNachbarn to interact with each other, to get to know each other and to support each other. Through this platform people can exchange ideas . The benefit for neighbors: concerns of all kinds like warnings against break-ins, the lending of a craft unit, recommendations for the best plumber for example, the organization of street festivals or sport groups can be shared. Most important and unique: users have to validate their identity, which gives neighbors real names, not only a face account.

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