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Marcos Jimenez Belenguer (Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist), Dennis R. Mortensen (Co-Founder, CEO), Matt Casey (Co-Founder, CTO) and Alex Poon (Co-Founder, COO)

Location: The World Trade Centre Transportation Hub was designed by the acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava and completed in 2016. It now serves 250,000 Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) daily commuters and millions of annual visitors from around the world, with its ultramodern, light space hosting a shopping mall. At approximately 800,000 square feet, the Hub is the third largest transportation center in New York City.

x.ai – Democratizing the personal assistant

Founded in 2014
70 employees
Funding $34.3M / 3 rounds

Founded in 2014 by Dennis R. Mortensen, Alex Poon, Matt Casey and Marcos Jimenez Belenguer, x.ai makes an AI-powered personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. The interaction is as you would with any other person, but “Amy” takes care of all the 
tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting. x.ai are backed by blue chip investors, including IA Ventures, Firstmark, and Two Sigma Ventures, and are located in New York City. They see themselves as a hardcore technology company developing invisible software, with the central mission being to build business sustainably through passionate and loyal customers—and every single team member, scientist or not, delivers exceptional customer service at all times.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.