Yasmin de Giorgio
Founder and CEO
of the Grassy Hopper, 

© Tumer Genturk


Q: What makes you happy?

A: Feeling like I am serving something greater than myself

Value isn’t just about profit

Although I studied economics and management, I went through a phase in my life of rejecting the profit-centric motives of business. Over time, however, I came to realize that the business sector contains a huge amount of resources that can be used in positive ways, and that by evolving business practices we can create a better society. I then came full circle back to the roots of my studies. I had also watched my father start and grow his own business when I was growing up, so the entrepreneurial spirit came to me naturally.

Making peace with the concept of business sparked my huge passion for conscious business principles and gave me the motivation to start my own company that not only filled a gap in the market, but didn’t compromise my values. I wanted my business – which doesn’t place emphasis on profit – to make a difference in the lives of not only its customers, but also its employees, the environment and wider community. The challenges of starting this company have had a massive impact on me and forced me into priceless personal growth.

Yasmin de Giorgio, 28, founded the Grassy Hopper in 2013 and now employs over 20 people over 3 outlets. Yasmin returned back to her homeland, Malta, after earning a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management and a Master in International Development at the University of Bristol. Before starting her vegetarian catering business, she founded and ran an NGO in the human rights field and worked with several other startups.


This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.