Zara Martirosyan
Co-Founder and Business Developmer
of inKin, 

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Happiness is a state of mind, so I believe that being happy is very simple. As long as your loved ones are healthy and well.

Surround yourself with successful people

I’ve always wanted to work independently. At MSU, my friends and I had a dream of setting up a marketing consulting firm. That dream didn’t come true in the end, but all my friends built extremely successful careers and this was very inspiring to me.

After completing my master’s in London, I chose a rather unlikely career path in the film business. That job taught me a lot, but most importantly it brought irreplaceable people into my life. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that I was more comfortable working in a small, volatile startup than a stable corporate entity.

The inKin journey began when my co-founders and I started paying attention to fitness and health wearables. We came up with the idea of a social platform that allows families, friends and coworkers to get active together and monitor their loved ones’ health parameters. It was my first startup, so there were many things I needed to quickly learn from scratch. I had to find a way to balance the project and my family, which has been the hardest challenge for me – especially since I had to travel between the team’s headquarters in Yerevan and my home in Dubai.

Zara Martirosyan, 31, currently resides in Dubai, UAE, and comes from a marketing and management background. She holds a BS in Economics from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an MS in Management from Cass Business School, London. She created inKin in November of 2014 together with friends and family. inKin, now a team of five, is a free service for users with different fitness and health trackers to connect, compete, socialize and get active together.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.